California Kidney Specialists refers all appropriate patients for kidney transplantation as soon as possible.

When a kidney transplant is required, patients will be referred to a special transplant center, who will then evaluate whether or not kidney transplantation is the best option.

 Types of transplantation:

Pre-emptive Transplantation:

The transplant is done before dialysis treatment is required. Patients with an EGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate) less than 20 qualify for transplant center evaluation.

Living Donor Transplantation:

A kidney is surgically removed from a healthy donor and surgically placed in a patient with kidney failure. This can be someone either related or unrelated to the patient, and at times does not have to be a perfect match. There are also scenarios where kidney swaps take place to get the best match.

 Those donating a kidney should know that living with one kidney is sufficient to live a healthy life.

Deceased Donor Transplantation:

When a kidney is surgically removed from a deceased donor and surgically placed in a kidney failure patient.

All transplant recipients will need to take lifelong anti-rejection medications.

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