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California Kidney Specialists is one of the largest kidney care groups In Southern California with over 35 years of dedicated service. Our nephrologists have earned the trust of patients, hospitals, and colleagues by providing exceptional, personalized health care. CKS specializes in the care and prevention of every type of kidney disease, with emphasis and focus of these illnesses through wellness care, and managing other compounding medical illnesses.
CKS prides itself by creating ongoing personal relationships, combined with compassion, and our physicians go above and beyond the norm to help explain and communicate to our patients our various treatment strategies.

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The CKS Experience

Patient Resources

CKS is equally invested in insuring that our patients have the up to date social services information that will assist them in their day to day lives...

Cooking tips and Recipes

Patients and their families are very concerned with what and how to cook for renal patients that will make...

Staying Active

Life continues despite being on dialysis. In an effort to help our patients stay engaged in life CKS offers information ...

Doctor’s Orders

Quarterly update message from a CKS physician to the patient community on ways to stay on track with patient...

The Scoop

The Scoop is about medical issues and information patients need to know to stay ahead of the game in their healthcare.